Ombudsman: People, Not Machines, Err in Reporting Machine-cast Votes

National Ombudsman Maya Manolova warned that people in the district election commissions, not machines, make mistakes in the counting and reporting of machine-cast votes. Speaking to reporters in Parliament on Friday Manolova commented the claims of the Central Election Commission (CEC) that machine voting is expensive and unproductive. 

According to CEC calculations presented at a meeting of the parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee, one machine-cast vote at the May 26 European elections cost 59 leva, while a paper ballot vote cost 0.77 leva.

Manolova argued that the machine voting, which was used for the first time at the European elections, showed "the poor work of the district election commissions and the poor organization of the voting process". "The analysis demonstrated that not the machines, but the people in the district election commissions messed up at the elections," she said.

The Ombudsman said that a discussion will be held in her office later on Friday attended by civil organizations, analysts, experts and mass media which conducted their own analyses of the machine voting at the European elections.

Approached to comment whether she will run for Sofia mayor at the local elections due to be held in the autumn, Manolova said she had not made a decision to this effect as at the moment.



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