President Rumen Radev: If we want rule of law in our country, we must at the highest level show compliance with all norms

We have to show, at the highest level, lawfulness and compliance with all norms if we want to have rule of law in the country. 

This is what President Rumen Radev called for in response to a reporter question today regarding the coordination procedure for releasing Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior Mladen Marinov from office, the president’s press office said. 

President Radev said there were certain requirements about the signing of a decree. Asked if he had “any objection” against Mladen Marinov’s nomination for minister, he stressed that his commitment as president was only related to releasing the interior ministry’s chief secretary from office and called for the law to be respected. 

After all the problems and failures in the interior ministry, the prime minister decides if this is the most appropriate choice about a minister. It’s his decision, his responsibility,” Rumen Radev said.



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